Build and Win ₹1.5 Lakhs

Take the idea, build a prototype within 3 weeks and win exciting prizes!

May 13th - May 31st

Meet Your Mentors:

Why participate?


We are seeking to build an all-in-one platform, akin to Slack, but exclusively tailored for major event planning and execution, for example, luxury weddings or huge birthday parties! This app will be the nerve centre for the event organizers, their families, friends, vendors, and anyone involved in making the event memorable. Overall, the app’s goal is to simplify event planning by centralizing communication and coordination between couples and vendors, ensuring a seamless experience for all parties involved. This platform aims to add all parties involved with the event in one “room” so communication can be done seamlessly and easily between vendors and the hosts. Read more about the idea and requirements here.

You can participate individually or in teams (max number of participants in a team: 4). It is recommended that you participate in a team so that you can collaborate and build the best prototype.

Don’t worry if you do not already have a team. You can register for the contest, join our WhatsApp community and find teammates there. There are a bunch of people looking for someone just like you to build this with!

The team with the best prototype wins the first position and gets the prize of INR 1 Lakh and employment opportunity with Fountane. The employment part works like this:
– If you are a student with little to no experience, we extend an internship offer to you post a peer-assessment and HR round (to just make sure that you are a culture fit at the company). 
– If you are currently employed and have 2+ years of experience, we will extend a job offer to you post a peer-assessment and HR round. 

No technical rounds!

This is not a winner-takes-it-all game. This contest and/or bootcamp is designed to give you an end-to-end learning and building experience. So even if you don’t win but are in the top 50 participants, you take home:

  • a real-world project that shines on your resume
  • mentorship from co-founders and team leads at fountane
  • exclusive fueled merch and/or e-gift cards

Fill out and submit the registration form. You will find the link to the Fueled Contest WhatsApp community on the end screen.

This is the timeline we are going to follow:

  • Week 1: Proposal submission/Product ideation + feedback
  • Week 2: Design + building + feedback
  • Week 3: Development (tech) + feedback

You will have more insights on the timeline and event flow once you register for the event and join our WhatsApp community.

Read everything about the idea here.

May the most visionary and practical solution win!